Your Partner for

Electric Motor Solutions

AC Motors

MMI offers a broad range of AC Motors that meet our customer’s requirements

Alternators and Generators

Our permanent magnet alternators & generators have diverse power output range used in a multitude of environments.

DC Motors

MMI’s diverse portfolio of DC Motors provide expectational performance for demanding applications.

CNC Machining

Our turning and milling capabilities allow the manufacturing of quality and precises CNC machined components for a variety of industries.

Vaneaxial Fans and Blowers

Custom built Vaneaxial fans and blowers deliver high static pressure with superior efficiencies at low noise levels


We can also service, repair and test units with our experience and in house capabilities.

About Us

Motor Magnetics Inc (MMI) is a global leader in AC & DC Electric Motor Designing and Developing that takes your concept to creation.

MMI’s foundations go back to 1964 with Moda Magnetics and has developed into the trusted global leader of electric motor designs for a variety of industries. Furthering Motor’s expertise the electric motor industry, Fisher Electric Technology, a state of art R&D company, was purchased in 2021. Located in a 55,000 sq ft facility in St. Petersburg, FL, MMI is uniquely position to exceed our customers demanding requirements and are eager to discuss your next project.

Our Markets & Applications

Motor Magnetics has over 57 years of experience providing successful products in a multitude of industries which require custom solutions to meet our customers application requirements. Our team is ready & eager to partner with companies to develop new solutions or update products to fulfill customer needs

Commercial & Military Aerospace



Industrial & Commercial