DC Motors

MMI’s specializes in DC Motors including Brush Wound Field and Permanent Magnet Brush and Brushless configurations and custom design motors enables us to respond customer needs effectively with practical designs.

All of our motors can be designed with Gears and/ or Brakes.

PictureSeriesModelTorque (oz-in)VoltageNominal RPMNominal Current (A)Application
Brush Motor w/ Brake23DK-0442-118 in-oz24/2813,27513.4Aircraft Stair Lift
Brush Motor23D-072625 in-oz285,6001.5Defense Application
Brush Motor70PMD-07485.3 ft-lb282,800115Compressor Drive Motor
Brush Motor23D-0612284,1000.60Oven Blower Motor
Gear-Motor Tachometer23TAG-0340185 in -lb1225
DC External Brush30D-059645 in-oz2810,00020
Helicopter Ventilation System
DC Motor w/ Brake12DK-02701.5 in-oz2813,0000.95Spiroid Gear Actuator
DC Motor w/ Brake15DK-04174.0 in-oz2818,0005DC Actuator
DC Motor30D-076045 in-oz2810,00020Helicopter Cooling System