Custom Electric Motors, Engineering and Manufacturing Services

Motor Magnetics offers unparalleled engineering capabilities to help turn each high precision electric motor product and system blueprint into a successful engineering reality.


AC Motor

Practical electromechanical design and valuable engineering competencies backed by more than 100 years of combined experience in all motor types, including AC, DC and gear motors in all types of commercial, military, industrial and aviation applications is at your disposal.


DC Motor

We provide complete engineering solutions for specialty electric fan motors, generators, blowers and electric motors of all types. Have other motor challenges not listed here? Motor Magnetics has the resources and know-how to handle them all!


Vaneaxial Fans & Blowers

Our engineers can be involved with you and your team during any phase of motor design and development. However, our early involvement in design assistance and engineering can mean rapid yet cost-effective deployment of custom-engineered electric motor solutions and products.


Alternators & Generators

The Motor Magnetics team can engineer motor solutions that meet your detailed specifications. We also go a step further by suggesting ways to enhance your product ideas for faster, better and cost-effective results, to help you stay competitive.


CNC Machining

Want proof? View our samples of motor components and applications, including induction, brush and gear motor products.

Motor Magnetic engineers have helped thousands of companies with complete engineering solutions for all types of specialty fans, blowers, generators and electric motors.