Vaneaxial Fans and Blowers

Our AC & DC Vaneaxials fans and blowers are efficient, lightweight and reliable. They deliver air under high static pressure with maximum efficiencies and low noise levels.

PictureSeriesModelNominal RPMCFMInput PowerNominal Current (A)Application
Vaneaxial Fan with Brush DC Motor25DV-04358,6504602820Military Vehicle Exhaust Fan
Vaneaxial Fan with Brushless PM Motor FA00126610,5004502812Helicopter HVAC System
Vaneaxial Fan with Brush DC Motor30DV-057211,7003002410Defense Application
Vaneaxial Fan with AC Induction Motor50MV-05893,500800115V (28V DC Version also Available)5.2Shipboard Portable Exhaust & Blower
Blower with DC Brush Motor40MB-06543,100450245Helicopter HVAC System
Blower with DC Brush Motor30DB-03618,0002852410Recovery Vehicle
Vaneaxial Fan with DC Motor30DB-072810,000200286Self Propelled Vehicle
Blower with DC Brush Motor32DB-06137,8002502811Helicopter Cooling

MMI’s high performance air movers, include AC & DC vaneaxial fans, tube axial, centrifugal fans and custom designs that are efficient, lightweight and reliable.