Alternators & Generators

With power output ranging from 1kW to 200kW, MMI has a variety of Permanent Magnetic Alternators and Generators available. MMI specializes where size, weight and performance are critical.

Permanent Magnet Alt/Gen – Air Cooled
Shown below and Liquid Cooled Optional are available.

PictureModel Class
(Unique Application)
Rotor SizePowerMax RPMTorqueApplicationDatasheet
Model 1
1"1.5 kW12,0000.9 ft-lbUnmanned Aerial VehicleDownload PDF
Model 3
3"9kW12,0005.3 ft-lbFuel Cell CompressorDownload PDF
Model 5
5"20 kW12,0005.3 ft-lbUnder Hood GeneratorDownload PDF
Model 7
7"60 kW4,000105 ft-lbDrive MotorDownload PDF
Model 10
10"100 kW2,000352 ft-lbAlternator Bus Direct Engine MountDownload PDF

MMI’s has specialized in the development of versatile new technologies in the design and manufacture of extremely efficient power dense electromagnetic machines.