AC Motors

MMI offers a broad spectrum of AC Motors including: 400Hz and 60hz Induction, Inverter Driven, Synchronous, Hysteresis, Single Phase and 3-Phase,  Rotor / Stator Sets and Custom Designed.

All of our motors can be designed with Gears and/ or Brakes.

PictureSeriesModelTorque (oz-in)Nominal RPMNominal Current (A)Phase/
Induction Motor with Brake32MK-053722 in-lb7,000103Ph - 115/200V - 400Hz6Helicopter rescue winch
Induction Motor30M-072539 in-oz3,6001.73Ph - 200V - 400Hz12Pump Motor
Induction Motor32M-063490 in-oz7,50033Ph - 200V - 400Hz6Aircraft Galley Oven Motor
Induction Motor with Brake23MK-053765 in-oz10,6002.93Ph - 200V - 400Hz4MedVac Helicopter Application
Induction Motor with gearbox and brake15MGK-071312 in-lb1250.253Ph - 200V - 400Hz4Actuator
Induction Motor30M-02028.5 in-oz3,75033Ph - 115/208V - 400Hz12Aircraft Galley Oven Motor
Induction Motor with Brake23MK-0398-152 in-oz10,5002.53 Ph - 115/200V - 400Hz4Aircraft Stair Lift
Induction Motor with Gearbox23MG-070622 in-oz1,0602.93Ph - 200V - 400Hz4MedVac Actuator
Induction Motor23M-073635 in-oz10,50053Ph - 200V - 400Hz4Air Compressor for Potable Water
Induction Motor50M-074917 in-lb4,50043Ph - 200V - 400Hz10Aircraft Hydraulic/ Numatics
Induction Motor30M-075811 in-oz7,3000.93Ph, 200V, 400Hz6Aircraft Galley Oven Motor
Induction Motor30M-01709 oz-in3,4000.51 PH, 115V, 60Hz6Fan Drive
Induction Motor50M-0718315 oz-in4,5006.03 PH, 115/200V, 400Hz6Trash Compactor Drive Gear
Induction Motor30M-070930 oz-in3,7000.853 PH, 115/200V, 400Hz12Pump Motor
Induction Motor30M-038115 oz-in4,1000.763 PH, 115/200V, 400Hz10Water Pump Drive Motor