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Sensor Systems LLC Expands its Reach with Strategic Acquisition of Ruhle Companies Inc’s Encoder Line

May 30, 2024

St. Petersburg, Florida – Sensor Systems LLC, a leading provider of precision sensors and control solutions, is pleased to announce the acquisition of the assets of Ruhle Companies Inc’s encoder line. This acquisition includes the Optical Encoder Line, Precision Inductosyn Position Transducers, Rotary Inductosyn Transducers, and Linear Inductosyn Transducers.

This strategic acquisition allows Sensor Systems LLC to significantly expand its current line of encoders and offer additional advanced solutions to its growing customer base in the industrial, military, and aerospace markets. The integration of these products will enhance Sensor Systems’ ability to meet diverse and complex customer needs, providing cutting-edge technology and improved performance.

The businesses expect to consolidate operations at Sensor Systems LLC’s headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida by June 2024. This consolidation will streamline production processes and reinforce Sensor Systems’ commitment to excellence and innovation in sensor technology.

About Ruhle Companies, Inc.

Ruhle Companies, Inc., doing business as Inductosyn International, Farrand Controls, and Farrand Optical, was founded in 1955. The company is a distinguished manufacturer of aviation and defense-related equipment, primarily serving federal agencies through contract awards. Ruhle Companies offers a wide range of products including test equipment, signal converters, shaft encoders, spare parts, and other essential components utilized in radar systems, missile defense programs, and various aerospace and military applications.

Over the years, Ruhle Companies has secured numerous prime contract awards from agencies such as the Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration, the Department of Commerce National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Department of the Army, and the Defense Logistics Agency. These awards encompass the procurement of test equipment for radar system maintenance, signal converters, encoder shaft angles for the Patriot missile program, and repair services for weather equipment. The company has also served as a subcontractor to major defense contractors like Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing, providing encoders and electromechanical components.

About Sensor Systems LLC

Sensor Systems LLC is a global leader in the design, evaluation, and manufacturing of precision potentiometers, pressure sensors, encoders, machined parts, and custom control solutions. Renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation, Sensor Systems serves a diverse clientele across industrial, military, and aerospace sectors, delivering reliable and advanced sensor technologies. Sensor Systems LLC is AS9100D with ISO 9001:2015, ITAR Certified, and DFARS Compliant.

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